Discounting fees added to the factoring fees percentage.

Asset Buyer

An investor or buyer looking to purchase assets on the marketplace.

Asset Category

A classification of assets based on similar characteristics (invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, merchant cash advances).

Asset Custodian

An entity or institution holds and protects the assets on behalf of another party ensuring their security, proper documentation, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Assets Listed

The number of assets currently listed on the marketplace.

Average Asset Value

The average value of assets listed on the marketplace.

Asset Originator

An asset creator; is someone who lists their assets on the RWA Marketplace and receives offers from Asset Buyers.

Asset Owner

The current holder of the asset NFT.

Asset Reference Number

A unique identifier assigned to an asset.

Average Return

The average return on investment for assets listed on the marketplace.

Credit Note

A document issued by a seller to a buyer to offset a previous invoice that has already been paid

Dual-Layer Token (DLT)

DLT, or DualLayerToken, is a token standard that combines the functionalities of ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 while adding a unique layered structure (mainId and subId) for managing diverse asset types and their attributes.

Due Date

The date by which the Asset Originator is obligated to repay the principal amount borrowed along with any accrued interest and fees to the Asset Buyer.

Final Price

The total price of assets purchased multiplied by the platform fee percentage.

Finance Tenure

The purchase date subtracted from due date for when the asset is scheduled to be repaid.

Fractionalized Asset

A smaller division of an asset is also called a "fractional share". It is an ownership structure that allows multiple Asset Buyers to own a portion of the asset rather than buying the entire asset outright.

Insurance Coverage

The percentage of a loss that will be covered by the insurance policy.


A document issued by a seller to a buyer, requesting payment for goods sold or services rendered.

Loan Maturity

The length of time until which the Asset Originator is expected to fully repay the loan including any accrued interest and fees.

Loss Pool

A reserve fund in the RWA Marketplace that covers the losses incurred due to defaults or delays in loan repayments.

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

A form of financing to small businesses where a lender provides a lump sum payment to a business in exchange for a percentage of its future sales or revenue.

My Holdings

Assets that the user currently owns.


The party who owes or is obligated to make a payment to another party, known as the payee.

Platform Fee

A charge imposed by the RWA Marketplace for using their services

Purchase Order (PO)

A document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating the buyer's intention to purchase goods or services.

Real World Asset (RWA)

Tangible assets that exist in the physical world, which are brought on-chain.


The profit or gain generated from an investment over a specific period of time (a simple interest formula).


A measurement of the duration over which an asset is scheduled to be repaid.

Total Asset Value Purchased

The total value of assets purchased on the marketplace (USD)

Total Returns

The flat price of the asset added to the returns.

Trust Score

A rating assigned to a Payor by Polytrade to indicate the level of reliability or worthiness they possess.