Features and Benefits


Asset Origination

The platform allows asset originators to list their real-world assets as collateral, making it easier for them to access capital and liquidity. This benefits both the asset originators and asset buyers.

Loss Pool

In the event of a dispute between the asset originator and the asset buyer in the real world, the on-chain is not affected. In such a case, Polytrade has insurance partners and a loss pool. The asset holder will still receive payment on the due date, and Polytrade will claim the funds from the insurer on behalf of the asset buyers.

Fractional Ownership (Coming soon)

The marketplace allows for fractional ownership of real-world assets, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and benefit from the potential appreciation of the assets without having to purchase them outright.

Counter Offers (Coming soon)

Users can create counter offers on the platform, allowing for more flexibility in the negotiation process.

Relisting (Coming soon)

Users can relist their NFTs on the platform until the due date, giving them more control over their assets and liquidity.


  • Increased liquidity for traditionally illiquid real-world assets
  • Opportunity for investors to gain exposure to a diverse range of asset classes
  • Reduced barriers to entry for smaller investors
  • Increased transparency and security in asset ownership and trading
  • Potential for lower transaction costs compared to traditional asset trading platforms
  • Democratization of asset ownership and investment opportunities